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Browse our Gourmet Meals on Demand catering menu: Choose Order Greater Los Angeles or Greater San Gabriel Valley to explore a variety of delicious options.

Customize your order: Select the items you want, choose your delivery date and time, and check out easily online.

Bite-Sized Perfection - a la carte + platters + meal boxes: Convenient and customizable options perfect for office lunches, meetings, or small gatherings.

Feast for All - buffets: Elevate your event with Cheebo's bountiful spread of hot and cold dishes. Customizable for larger groups, buffets offer something for everyone's taste and dietary needs.

An Intimate Culinary Journey - chef's table experiences: Treat yourself and a select group to an unforgettable evening curated by Chef Kazuhiro. Witness culinary artistry firsthand as you enjoy a unique, multi-course tasting menu in a private setting.

Don't Forget the Late Night - 3rd meals: Who says deliciousness can't strike after dark? Satisfy late-night cravings or fuel late-working teams with curated menus perfect for evening gatherings.

Big event? No sweat!

We have extensive experience catering for large groups. From feeding 100+ ballerinas to accommodating dietary restrictions (vegan, gluten-free, vegetarian) during tech rehearsals, we can handle it all.

For inquiries about larger events or special menus, please reach out via [email protected]